Creative Direction

A multifaceted toolkit that emphasizes
your look, feel, and consistent voice
and is vital for brand evolution. 

Creative Consultation

Define Milestones

Concept Creation

Crew Recommendations

Casting/Location Direction

On-set Shoot Direction

Image Selection

Oversee Video Edit

Design Toolkit of Usage Recommendations



Illustration + Installations that turns your space or message into memorable surface designs or stand alone images for hand touched results. 

Untraditional Murals/Installations

Traditional Murals

Painting (Natural/Acrylic/Ink) 

Painting (Watercolor)

Drawing (Natural Ink/Charcoal)



Print Collateral 


A core identity that helps you to 
distiguish you from competitors while
giving you a strong expression.

Logo Design

Brand Marks


Color Palette

Brand Guidelines

Label Design

Book Design


Carolyn Kelly (she/her) is a Bay Area-based watercolor
painter, illustrator and printmaker who is inspired by
textures, patterns, and gestural line making. Trained
in Swiss graphic design, she works as a freelance
creative director for fashion photography
and brand identity projects.

Carolyn is a professional appreciator who
sees beauty in imperfection.


Polaroid Photography: (top of page) Jake Reinhart, (pictured here) Anais + Dax