Look.At.Us Issues 2-5,
Zine Design x Collaboration 

I was approached by LOOK.AT.US, a zine by Gena Tuso documenting underground subcultures from Los Angeles to London, to collaborate on the layout + design of this printed zine and its social presense.

In 2016 stylist/muscian Tuso began documenting the Los Angeles underground including her bandmates and artists in the post-punk scene. Using multiple lo-fi cameras, she photographed her subjects on film wearing their favorite looks at home.

As a stylist, she felt that authenticity and diversity were lacking in the industry; LOOK.AT.US is a reaction to the contemporary obsession of influencer and celebrity culture.

With the intention of being all inclusive, friends were assigned to cast people they felt best represented various scenes they were immersed in. From BIPOC LA queer & trans artist cast by Jupiter Black to London punk and goths cast by Dani Mejia and Parma Ham, LOOK.AT.US produced 5 issues. The first issue was cut/paste/xerox, the rest I helped to layout on tabloid newsprint publised by Cash Machine.  @Look.At.Us.LA

It was an honor and such a pleasure to collaborate with Gena on these zine issues. 

Responsible for:  Zine Design collaboration with Gena Tuso, Layout of Zine, Asset Managment, Lias with Printer

Activation: Oversize Tabloid Zine on 55gsm, Social, Web at Look.At.Us.LA, LA Art Book Fair, Paris Zine Exhibition via Dover Street Little Market + @1909.bookstore Newspaper Club Best of Print Round Up


Issue #2

Issue #3

Issue #4

Issue #5

Issue #5, London Zine Release Party Virtual Flyer