Public Art Murals,  
Pittsburgh PA

I was honored to paint two public art pieces via Pittsburgh's Nonprofit Arts Organization, Sprout Fund. From 2001-2018 they showed that small-scale catalytic projects can yield big results. I worked with each community on what they valued, how they wanted to be seen and tried to make that come to life in the visual I created for them. For both Sprout fund murals the texture of the wall and some existing marks were incorporated in the final design to integrate the surface into the art. 

The SideWall Mural Project is a mural exhibition space dedicated to showing works by artists both local and abroad to inspire verbal and visual dialogue on the side wall of a private residence in Pittsburgh's Bloomfield neighborhood. Select past artists include Josh MacPhee, #notwhite collective, and Parker Day. My mural was in response to having just returned to Pittsburgh from living in the Galapagos Islands and being influenced by Darwin's theory of evolution being discovered via observing the finches and how they adapted to their surroundings. I was at a time in my life where I didn't know where I would go next and I kept reflecting upon what it means to us as people to evolve + change. 

Activation: Sprout fund Mural (South Side '08), Sprout Fund Mural (Troy Hill '09), SideWall Project (Bloomfield '14)


Troy Hill Mural, 'Troy loves Hill' (24'x40')


Sidewall Project, 'Outside in, Darwin and his finches' (4'x8')


South Side Mural, 'Summer Harvest Goddess' (70' x 24')